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Atlasity Announces Support for Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) 3.0

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) 3.0 program has evolved from simply reducing external network connections to protecting agency enterprise perimeters, mobile, and cloud connections with a focus on increasing the use of boundary protection capabilities to protect agency assets from an evolving threat landscape. Over time, greater bandwidth demands, transport encryption, and perimeter services were placed on agency TIC access points beyond their ability to scale. With this update, DHS seeks to reduce barriers to cloud adoption while increasing performance and lowering costs. While this policy provides enhanced flexibility, it will require agencies to carefully evaluate risk when implementing TIC controls to protect applications in the cloud.

At C2 Labs, we give agencies easy and free tools to get started with building a TIC 3.0 compliant protection program with support for tracking policies, related assessments, evidence collection, issues management/performance improvement, and other related compliance workflows. As of October 26, 2021, C2 Labs has announced that we officially support TIC 3.0 as a catalog within Atlasity with automated tools/wizards for building compliant protection programs. In addition, we have published multiple machine readable formats of TIC 3.0 including an Excel spreadsheet, raw JSON, and NIST OSCAL on our open source Atlasify repository on GitHub. These artifacts are freely available for others to reuse in their compliance automation programs using machine readable formats.

Schedule a free demo today to learn how C2 Labs can help you continuously meet your TIC 3.0 protection requirements. If you are ready to start automating your compliance processes for creating and managing TIC security controls, this demo will also show you how you can leverage Atlasity to deliver continuous compliance. In addition to offering free tools, we have experienced cyber professionals who can assist you in creating robust TIC 3.0 compliance artifacts that will help you pass security audits with ease. With C2 Labs, our customers get software with a service to provide a concierge like experience for achieving cloud security compliance.


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