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  • Charlie O'Brien

Building, Deploying and Monitoring Applications on Heroku

Why Choose Heroku Over Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure

When it comes to deploying applications, the cloud platform you choose can significantly influence the development workflow, scalability, and cost-efficiency of your project. While Azure and AWS are giants in the cloud industry, offering extensive services and global infrastructure, I've found Heroku to stand out for several projects, especially for small to medium-sized applications. Here's why I prefer Heroku over Azure or AWS for specific projects.

Simplicity and Developer Experience

One of Heroku's most significant advantages is its simplicity and focus on the developer experience. Heroku's platform is designed to remove the complexity of deploying and managing applications. From the get-go, Heroku's intuitive dashboard and straightforward CLI tool make deploying an application as simple as executing a git push heroku master command. This ease of use dramatically reduces the time and effort required to get an app up and running, compared to the more complex setup processes on Azure or AWS.

Heroku abstracts away much of the infrastructure management, allowing developers to focus more on coding and less on configuring servers. This is particularly beneficial for small teams or solo developers who may not have dedicated DevOps resources.

Managed Services

Heroku offers a range of managed services that are seamlessly integrated and can be easily attached to applications. Services like Heroku PostgreSQL, Redis, and Kafka are managed and scaled within the platform, providing a hassle-free experience for developers. While Azure and AWS also offer managed services, Heroku's offerings are more straightforward to configure and integrate, often requiring minimal to no changes in the application code.


Heroku's dyno model provides a simple yet powerful way to scale applications. You can scale an application vertically by changing dyno types or horizontally by increasing the number of dynos with a simple command or a few clicks in the dashboard. Heroku automatically handles the load balancing, ensuring your application remains responsive under varying loads.

While AWS and Azure offer greater scalability options, they also come with increased complexity in setup and management. Heroku's approach to scalability is more accessible, especially for developers who prefer to stay focused on app development rather than infrastructure management.


For startups and small projects, cost is always a consideration. Heroku offers a free tier, which is incredibly beneficial for development, testing, or small-scale applications. While AWS and Azure also provide free tiers, they often come with a steeper learning curve to set up and manage effectively within the free tier limits. Heroku's pricing model is straightforward, with costs scaling predictably as your application grows.

Community and Ecosystem

Heroku boasts a vibrant community and ecosystem. The Heroku Elements marketplace provides access to numerous add-ons, buildpacks, and buttons that extend the functionality of applications with minimal effort. This ecosystem encourages best practices and makes it easy to incorporate advanced features into your applications.


While Azure and AWS offer extensive services suitable for a wide range of applications, Heroku stands out for its simplicity, developer-friendly approach, and ease of use, particularly for small to medium-sized projects. Its managed services, scalability options, and straightforward pricing model make it an attractive choice for developers who want to focus on building their applications rather than managing infrastructure.

Heroku may not suit every project, especially those requiring specific AWS or Azure services or where infrastructure control is a priority. However, for many developers and projects, Heroku's advantages make it the preferred choice. Choosing the right platform depends on your project's specific needs, resources, and goals. Consider the trade-offs and select the platform that best aligns with your requirements.

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