Our Mission

To deliver freedom from paper via our Atlasity continuous compliance automation software and DevSecOps modernization services.


Our Approach


Creative Approaches

Knowing What to Use When

Overcoming Barriers

Improving User Experience

Reducing Risk and Maintaining Compliance

Lowering Cost


Proven Methodologies

Domain Expertise in Relevant Technologies

Lean Six Sigma / ITIL

Agile / Prototyping

Continuous Compliance

Automation / DevSecOps

Our Culture and Values








"Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere"

- Albert Einstein




Meet Our Leadership Team

Our People are our Greatest Asset and They are Passionate about Delivering Customer Success

Anil Karmel

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

After executive leadership roles in some of the largest public and private sector IT organizations in the United States (to include the National Nuclear Security Administration, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Bechtel), Howerton joined C2 Labs in March 2019 to drive product development and corporate strategy.  With over 20 years of experience in delivering "no fail" missions, he is a trusted advisor of our largest clients,  thought leader for our product strategy, and focused on delivering sustainable long-term growth for the company.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Travis Howerton


Randall Mims

Chief Operating Officer

As a visionary leader with 30+ years of extensive experience  serving as a senior executive of credit unions, consulting, and philanthropic initiatives, Mims joined the C2 Labs leadership team in September 2020 to lead the Operations division.   Randy brings a breadth of financial strategic planning and project re-engineering experience coupled with a results-oriented approach to serve C2 in enhancing operations, human resources & financial management.


Craig Thomas

Vice President for Engineering and Professional Services

After serving as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) within the US nuclear weapons program at the Y-12 and Pantex manufacturing plants , Thomas joined C2 Labs in October 2018 to lead the professional services and engineering team serving our rapidly growing customer base.  His passion is building cyber security into next-generation architectures to deliver digital transformations that not only lower costs and add differentiating capabilities for our customers; they also lower operational risks and protect our customer's brand reputation.

Howerton, Jared.PNG

Anil Karmel founded the company in 2014  to develop innovative products and services that accelerate digital transformation within government and highly regulated industries.  With over 20 years of experience in digital innovation and an early founding father of cloud technologies at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Anil continues to grow C2's brand as a transformation enabler while driving the industry forward with his R&D efforts supporting new security standards for the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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