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C2 Labs Loves Education #ORPSEF

It is that time of year again where C2 Labs supports the Oak Ridge Public Schools Education Foundation (ORPSEF) in support of their annual classroom campaign. ORPSEF works with businesses and individual donors to raise funds to provide supplemental funding that makes a critical difference in the classroom. It has been an honor and a privilege for C2 Labs to donate our labor and funding resources to provide a state of the art website and portal to support ORPSEF in its import mission to improve the quality of education in our area.

C2 Labs has a culture of service and one of our core values is the expectation that we each give back in our local communities. Education has always been one of my passions and any opportunity we have to make a difference in a child's life through education is something we will always try to support. This year we made a lot of significant enhancements to the ORPSEF grants management system including:

- Automated workflow tracking of grant requests through the approval process

- Upgrades to the underlying platform to improve performance and eliminate technical debt

- Ability to support adding multiple teachers and/or schools to a grant

While Oak Ridge is a small community, the ORPSEF has grant management capabilities that are seldom found in much larger institutions. It is built with the latest cloud technologies, supports automated deployments, and leverages the latest containerization technologies. We were able to deliver this system and continue to enhance it at no charge to ORPSEF and all of the work was done with volunteer time and resources for the cloud infrastructure.

Often times when we are working with customers, we hear that they "could never do that", we are "years away from piloting containers", or it would "cost too much to get started." We hope this system shows that it doesn't take a fortune or a ton of time to get started in building cloud-native and highly functional applications. If a small non-profit in Oak Ridge can obtain this kind of system, you can too!

If you want to learn more about how the DevSecOps experts at C2 Labs can modernize your applications, accelerate your transformation, and automate your business processes, contact us today to schedule a no cost consultation and to get started on your DevOps journey.


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