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What's holding you back?

You want to be a change agent and deliver cultural and technological modernization in a risk-averse environment. The problem is your systems need to be compliant with numerous policies, requirements and regulations.

Do you feel like excessive paperwork is keeping you from getting ahead?


Are you constantly getting pushback because your systems are already compliant even though they look like they were designed 50 years ago?

Do you spend your entire day performing similar tasks just to keep your systems running and wish there was time to employ automation?

At C2 Labs, we believe solutions should be simple, consistent and transparent. We understand how frustrating it is to try and modernize already compliant systems, which is why we've taken our 50+ years of executive experience leading the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program and applied it to build and deliver continuously compliant solutions via our DevSecOps modernization services.

What's holding you back?

Proven Approaches

Blending Art and Science

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Our Agile approach decomposes your vision into building blocks, assembled into a compelling plan which we incrementally deliver, sharing risk to provide immediate value at a lower cost.

Startup Team


We believe everything should be automated as a function of time.  Our approach identifies target rich environments, leveraging our large code base to deliver rapid results.



Compliance requirements hinder Digital Transformation. Our Compliance Experts partner with you to build, maintain and deliver continuously compliant documentation. 

Exceptional Results

Exceptional Results

Success-Driven Partnerships

App Development

For a national laboratory, we developed a new stand alone application, migrating 100,000 records from the legacy system in less than half the allotted time, delivering 300% of the original scope within the defined budget.


For a large utility, we automated on-premise server deployments (Windows and Linux), including intelligent capacity management, reducing deployment process time from 30 days to under 10 minutes.


For a State Government agency, our partner's compliance  software platform (RegScale) automated development of their System Security Plan (SSP), saving over $500,000 in cyber insurance resulting in a less than six month Return on Investment.

Who We Serve

Digital Transformation in Action

Who We Serve?

Your Path to Becoming a Change Agent Starts Here

01. Discover

Via a no-cost consultation, we'll identify what's holding you back

02. Develop

We'll custom-tailor a plan to achieve your desired outcomes

03. Deliver

We'll partner with you to build continuously compliant solutions that provide a better experience

How to Become a Change Agent

Let Us Serve You

Contact us today for a free consultation to discover how C2 Labs can serve as your trusted partner to build and deliver continuously compliant solutions.

1775 Tysons Blvd 5th Floor, Tysons, VA 22102, USA

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Let Us Serve You

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