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The Day the VPN Died

2020 and the unanticipated response to COVID-19 has put companies under extreme pressure to support remote work at unprecedented levels. The reality is that many businesses just can't scale up to support this many users in such a short period of time, they are locked into on-premise architectures, their Wide Area Network (WAN) is saturated, and as Scotty would say, "we're giving you all she's got!" Despite their best efforts, for many companies, March 2020 will be the day the VPN died.

How about your company? Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to scale your critical applications under extreme duress to handle the new load? Have the last couple of weeks fast-tracked your organization’s need to move critical applications and remote access to the cloud to support telework? Are you desperately trying to hire cloud, cyber or DevOps Engineers but cannot staff the positions as quickly as you need for the business? Is this situation exposing a lack of needed skill sets within your organization?

We understand this situation can be overwhelming and just adds to the stress everyone already feels from COVID-19. Let us help. We have successfully navigated these waters as a cloud-native company and routinely help our clients quickly modernize and scale critical applications leveraging the cloud where appropriate. We are ready and able to help you figure out what truly makes sense to move to the cloud, how to securely architect a scalable solution quickly, and then assist with deploying your workloads in a short period of time with quantifiable risk.

Need someone to listen and just help you make sense of it all? Contact us today for a NO COST one hour video consulting engagement. Our seasoned subject matter experts will listen to your challenges and suggest some quick wins. We can quickly engineer a solution to meet your needs leveraging our proven experts that can modernize and migrate applications, streamline your remote access while improving scalability, and ensure you minimize risk along the way. All C2 Labs solutions are fully documented and designed to allow a seamless hand off for your team to operate going forward.

If you need help, give us a call and allow us to partner with you and your team as you accelerate your journey to the cloud to address your urgent remote work needs. In addition, at C2 Labs we want to do our part to ease the financial impacts that companies are feeling as the world collectively battles the COVID-19 virus. For all new service contracts issued through May 2020, C2 Labs is offering the first 90 days of services at cost as we do our part to give back to the community during this time.

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