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Compliance and the Land of Many Tabs

There is a little secret that nobody tells you when you go into the compliance field. It is kind of uncomfortable and nobody really likes to talk about it. However, the secret always comes out in some embarrassing way. Whether someone walks by your desk or you do some screen share on Zoom or Teams, you always get the same reaction..."holy crap man, why do you have so many tabs open?"

It always starts innocent enough. Compliance is a big job and collecting data from all the different monitoring systems, regulatory sites, and file repositories (SharePoint, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) is a lot of work. In addition, it is inefficient and hard to remember where everything is so you start keeping tabs open. At first, it is a reasonable number of tabs but next thing you know you have 20+ tabs open, on three separate monitors (including multiple browser windows), and you still feel like you could use more screen real estate. You live in fear that your machine might reboot randomly and the browser won't restore your tabs properly, throwing your life into an instant and unmanageable state of chaos. How did this happen and how can we stop the madness?

The problem is that compliance has slowly evolved over time into an unmanageable mess. You have multiple systems for tracking audits, managing issues/corrective actions, building policies, performing review/comment, and collecting and storing evidence of implementation. In addition, most companies have automated tools that check some compliance things, perform continuous monitoring, and other checks. Now, the Internet of Things (IoT) world is deploying smart sensors that can take continuous measurements, drones can fly around to observe/measure things, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are taking autonomous actions based on what they observe. Compliance data is literally everywhere in most organizations. However, getting all of that data organized into a set of artifacts and evidence that can easily pass audits and avoid fines is an intense manual effort that requires hundreds of browser tabs for you to check all the things and complete your manual audits. As companies digitally transform, this problem is only getting worse as they have even more data in even more systems that must be checked and audited.

What if there was a way to organize this chaos? What if we designed a new compliance platform that is purpose built for the always connected world? What is needed is something that sits in the middle, that is why we built Atlasity, the world's first real-time, always connected, API-centric platform for compliance. As an open platform, Atlasity is always listening for new compliance-related events and data that can be fed into our system of record to easily satisfy auditors with zero manual labor. In addition, we have built 7 commercial integrations and growing to popular systems such as ServiceNow, Jira, Tenable, and others to increase the value of investments our customers have already made. With Atlasity, we make compliance real-time, simple, fast, and complete allowing our customers to reduce their risks and manual labor costs while accelerating their digital transformation.

Sound too good to be true? Contact us today to schedule a demo and see our Continuous Compliance Automation platform in action. With 19 tightly integrated modules, we have built a modern and open ERP for compliance that is helping our customers remove compliance roadblocks within their organization.

Atlasity is making the compliance world a much better place, one browser tab at a time....

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15 paź 2022

Been trying to get hold of Travis H. I need some help starting a bogus company that delivers nothing. I hear he's the Master!

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