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Cloud Security Alliance’s D.C. Chapter announces it's signature event: the Cybersecurity Cruise!

About a year ago, CSA recognized the need to establish a local chapter serving the unique needs of the Washington D.C. Metro Area. It’s been my honor and privilege to serve as the President of this new Chapter alongside a distinguished group of thought leaders to execute on the mission of the Cloud Security Alliance. The Washington D.C. region is comprised of a diverse range of businesses, government organizations, and academic institutions as well as many heavily regulated industries such as the U.S. Government, Healthcare and Financial sector.

Our local mission is to:

- Provide a forum for the local I.T. community to network and share lessons learned via a series of events focused on the unique needs of our region

- Develop collaborative guidance for I.T. Modernization and Policy incorporating security by design in the form of position papers

- Conduct compelling research on topics that are top of mind for our community

The CSA-DC events committee is excited to announce our signature event of the year on Thursday, September 26, from 4:00 – 8:30 pm. We will be cruising the historic Potomac River on a dinner cruise (open bar!) followed by a cybersecurity conversation with a rockstar panel. Register today to discuss The Boundary of Security & Privacy. Privacy is becoming an ever increasing concern in our world today. Social Networks today are now focusing on users’ privacy, given the inherent security risks posed by organizations’ access to personally identifiable information. The European Union has enacted GDPR valuing privacy, whereas on the opposite end of the spectrum, China has implemented a Social Credit System. What role do reputational systems play in our society? How do we design security controls for information systems balancing user’s rights to their personal information? Where’s the boundary of security and privacy? Join us to hear a distinguished panel of speakers discuss this topic in detail.


- Robert Brese, VP & Executive Partner, Gartner


- Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology

- Alex Ruiz, Director, Information Security, U.S. Card, Capital One

- Shaun Khalfan, Vice President Information Security, Freddie Mac

- Gregg “Skip” Bailey, Deputy Chief Information Officer, U.S. Census (Invited)

Register today as space is limited!

We’re also pleased to present our inaugural “Next Generation Thought Leader” Award. This award has been established by the Cloud Security Alliance’s D.C. Metro area chapter (CSA-DC) to provide recognition to individuals or teams who are shining the light and leading the way into the future with timely, high-value research expected to have a powerful and positive impact on the practice of cloud security. Based on an annual, peer-elected selection of research topics provided by members of the CSA-DC Chapter, this award is presented to researchers who have established a clear research direction and taken steps to advance the cloud security body of knowledge. We will award this individual on our cruise. We look forward to seeing you there!

Interested in getting involved? Please reach out to Anil Karmel or Kimberly Lessard

Join the conversation by following #CSADCCruise2019 #CSADC

Follow us on Twitter @CloudSADC, LinkedIn, YouTube, MeetUp

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