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C2 Labs welcomes Randall Mims as Chief Operating Officer

C2 Labs is pleased to announce Randall (Randy) Mims as our new Chief Operating Officer. Randy will lead C2 Labs' Operations division including human resources and financial management.

"Randy brings a wealth of experience to this role given his prior experience leading credit unions in Colorado and Florida.", said Anil Karmel, Chief Executive Officer of C2 Labs. "His philanthropic initiatives and consulting experience coupled with his results-oriented approach make him exceptionally well suited to our culture. I'm glad to have Randy on our leadership team as we roll out transformational new products and services to simplify regulatory compliance."

C2 Labs serves as a security focused agile transformation partner to heavily regulated industries, blending Art and Science to enable customers to expand their vision, drive cultural change and avoid being left behind. Contact us today to book a no-cost consultation.

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